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Graduate Admission

Computer Science Research Team NR2/UFPR – Brazil – How to Apply

NR2 invites candidates interested in Computer networks, Distributed Systems, and Computer Architecture to submit to the Master and Ph.D Computer Science admission from Informatics Graduate Program (PPGInf) of Informatics Department (Dinf) at Federal University of Paraná (UFPR). The application to the Ph.D candidates takes place all time, and the application to the Master candidates takes place two times a year (June and November).

NR2 research group has handled problems related to network and services management, dependability and security of systems, routing, effective energy control, cognitive networks, and performance evaluation and modeling. Our teams have investigated issues on mobile networks, sensor networks, and embedded systems, developing solutions on different levels, as data link, services, and application layers. The operation of those networks and their technologies, as well as the emerging of new network applications, demand on reliability, robustness, and security mechanisms, that make this research area one of the most challenging and interesting.

Instructions on how to apply for graduate study can be found on the PPGInf Graduate Study page.

Information about visa and immigration procedures, food, housing, assistance to students, transportation, currency exchange, distances to other cities, Portuguese for foreigners program can be found at Orientation to Foreign Students.

Information on the city of Curitiba, life style, and existing infrastructures, please, see sites and