About Me

"Mestre não é quem sempre ensina, mas quem de repente aprende." (João Guimarães)

Christian Vega Cervantes

Msc. em Brazil

I am a master computer science of Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Brazil. Supervised by Dr. Aldri Luiz dos Santos. I am a member of the Wireless and Advanced Networks (NR2) research team. I have graduated from the University Católica of Santa María how Systems Engineer (UCSM) Arequipa, Perú (2009). Currently involved in IoT related projects. I act as a member of the research group NR2.

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- Programming using C/C++/C#, VisualBasic, Html, PHP.
- Managing of SQL Server2005-2008, PostgresBD, Mysql.
- Use the Contiki: The Open Source OS for the Internet of Things.
- Some Knowledge in Java, Netbeans.
- Simulation using Cooja, Sinalgo, NS-2 and Packet Tracer.

Last update on April. 03, 2015.